My very first Reiki session.



Yesterday I attended my very first Reiki healing session. I had many expectations but I made sure to remind myself to stay clear of them all, we all know that spirituality, healing and love need remain as far away as possible from this entity named ‘expectation’.

Convenience was on my side as she lived right down my road. I had come to know of her services through a neighborhood group chat. I quickly messaged her and we began chatting. I was excited to try this out and had very little knowledge of how intense this session would really be.

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Marriam and I began with the consultation, we sat in conversation, digging down into my depths, removing all the toxic weeds that had rooted themselves in my inner being. We even did some role play! Her technique was a perfect blend of gentle yet stern, helping me smoothly navigate my emotions in a safe space. The session was intense and tears were shed, I had moments where my hair stood and I felt things I hadn’t before, I guess it’s because I was navigating untraveled paths within myself, opening doors that I had consciously shut and locked in a desperate attempt to protect myself.


We then moved onto the next session, the physical healing, the part I had been anticipating! She explained that everyone experiences the process uniquely, and that my body might feel strange sensations, that this was all due to the clearing of negative energies, opening way for flow of the Chakras.

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I learnt this day that the body has a life of its own, quite literally. She moved her hands across my body, starting at the top of my head and ending at the base of my feet, gently her hands hovered over my centers and I felt my body react, twitching, jerking, shivering and heating up while I lay encrusted in my stillness, I wasn’t there, I was floating in a space of serenity, feeling numbed of the physical world.


When I came to, I felt very light, as if I was no longer in my body, as if I had been emptied. I drove home with an inner smile.

From this session I learnt much about myself and the inner strength I possess, that I should come first in my life if I am ever to live a live a genuinely peaceful existence.


A mantra shared with me by an amazing soul reads;

I live in abundance

I give in abundance

I have in abundance

I receive in abundance

I share through this abundance.

Blessed Be.

If you would like to contact Marriam her details are below:


Marriam Raheel

Cry Mommy cry; The joys, strengths and pains of Mommyhood.


IMG_20180313_150421Seven days into becoming a first time Mommy and I’m a tear-filled sack of emotions. 
Happy, Tired, Excited, Drained, Exhausted, Pained, the list goes on into eternity.
I feel like I am about to melt in a pool of the unknown, this new place I am having to occupy, this foreign role I am now having to play, one that is nothing like I would have imagined.

My body in pain from labor, healing from 1st-degree tears and having to deal with my breast milk supply not having arrived, I was worried baby wasn’t getting her daily dose. I soon learned that long, traumatic labor can cause milk supply to delay a few days. Sure enough, on day three my milk arrived and boy did she love it!! 

I fell in love with her throughout the nine months we shared a body, she was my joy and motivation, my answer to it all.
I knew I wanted only what’s best for her and that meant kicking things into the next gear as I prepared to be a Mommy. I found myself playing roles and filling new responsibilities with ease, she was my drive.
Excitement colored my days and as her arrival neared, so did anxiety, she finally arrived and my world soon drastically changed.

The twenty-one long hours of labor were scary yet exciting, I’d get to finally meet my princess, but OOhh, the pain, and exhaustion I experienced during her arrival were excruciating, to say the least, but it truly was such an empowering process, every single stitch of it, all worth it.
Knowing that I made it through; I deserved another token in my Self-worth jar!

Simple things like watching her sleep, caressing her hair and holding the tiny hands I had waited months to hold.
All these things keep me happy, content, through the many storms I face as a new Mom.

It’s only when baby arrived that I realized how vital sleep really is, without it one becomes futile at the mommy role.
When asked how I’m doing, I laugh and always say that sleep has become a luxury, It’s so painful not being able to rest when you really need to, never mind the time you need to get important work done.

One thing I was never told is how important it is to enjoy ‘me time’ whilst still pregnant, how time for self is completely annihilated once baby arrives, had I known and understood this truth I would have done so much more whilst she was still inside me, eating when I do, bathing when I do, not in need of my constant attention. 

Learning to place self aside has been the trickiest; I’d like to have a bath in the morning but this can only happen if I have someone to watch over baby.
Even making a meal becomes tricky. I’ve had to learn so many sassy ways to complete tasks and take care of myself, none of this would have been possible had it not been for the amazing support I get daily from mom and dad, the tips and tricks that help me get by, the assistance I get in the middle of the night when baby is fussing and I’ve no clue what to do next. 
I’ve learned to ask for help when needed, and most importantly, I have learned to rely on my Mommy instincts; to trust that I intrinsically know what is best for my baby.

Mother Love

I am grateful for this new experience, with it comes so much joy and strength, learning to love a new soul and accepting all that comes with it.
It is nothing like the romanticized images of motherhood and babies we see through societies lens; it is difficult, filled with doctor visits, sleepless nights, sore nipples, painful back, stitches from the birthing, the list is endless but through all the pains, love is born and weaved into the union.

I look forward to spending the rest of my forever with my daughter and I take on the Mommy badge with pride, no matter how hard the job is!

Through this experience, I have found powerful respect for Mothers all around the globe.

The Dark Voudouist

“I know a great healer from the countryside, she has healed a multitude of patients that traditional medics could not.
Memory is a fragile thing mama and it needs a boost, Haniah could benefit from Mrs. Boohkoo”
Zedek, Haniah’s younger brother spoke these words with such powerful conviction whilst on the phone with his mother.
“The vodouist? Zedek, son, you know I have never been a fan of such practices.”
“Mother, it has almost been a year since the accident, Haniah has not shown sufficient progress, it is time for spiritual intervention.”
Mrs. Oris let out a heavy sigh, she did not know how to feel about her daughter’s condition any longer, all she knew was that it brought her stress and sadness to see her daughter in such a state, it was such a contrast to who she originally was.
“I will pick you up tomorrow morning at 8 and we can go to see Mrs. Boohkoo.”
They both hung up the phone and continued with their day. Mrs. Oris felt anxious all day knowing that she would soon be going against her husband’s beliefs, he was a devout Christian and he was repulsed by any practice outside of his faith, furious would be an it understatement if he were to know what his son and wife were planning behind his back.

It was a windy Thursday morning, Mrs. Oris was awakened by the crowing of the rooster a few houses away, she had set her alarm to wake her an hour after this time but she decided it was okay, she needed some time for introspection before her son arrived.
While she had her shower, she could not help but feel a new sense of hope, that maybe, just maybe, this new avenue might present a different result, a positive one of course.

They arrived in the countryside. The area was roadless and it was sandy everywhere, the wind played with the sand causing it to dance in the air.
Stray dogs made their way across the paths, some looking famished while others looked like they had a home they belonged to.
Mrs. Oris watched as little girls as young as the age of five, walked the streets on their own, with no adult supervision.
“I had forgotten how life was in these parts, there is just so much…” she was stopped halfway through her sentence when she saw an old lady dressed in black suddenly appear in the middle of the road.

She had the most serious face on and it was riddled with more wrinkles than she had ever seen before, around her neck she wore a black-painted chicken foot, supposedly as a talisman and her eyes were a little crooked as they looked in two slightly different directions.
She held her hand up high and signaled that they follow her.
Zanek smiled and told his mother that they had arrived, “The healer could sense us coming, she is the real deal mom.” but Mrs. Oris’s heart sank at the sight of the woman and she felt a sense of fear.

They entered the hut she led them into and the first thing Mrs. Oris noticed was the pungent stench in the space.
She also saw a huge animal skull hanging on her wall surrounded by lit candles and bottles filled with strange colored liquids.
“Sit down,” she said in the native language.
She spoke slowly yet her thin voice pierced the air, it was not a pleasurable experience.
They sat where she pointed, in front of two unlit black candles.

She blew thrice into a container and released some bones, scattering them onto the ground as if she was reading a letter, she carefully considered what she saw and when she was done she told them that her daughter was hexed by someone who wanted her for themselves.
Zedek and Mrs Oris were then told to close their eyes and focus their energy on Haniah and how they know her to be.
Each had an experience that led them into a vision where they saw Haniah at different stages of her life. As this took place, the candles in the room all danced and flickered even though there was no wind present.
The two black candles in front of the two in need of help suddenly lit on their own unbeknownst to them both.
A smile slowly grew on the practitioner’s face.